Enjoy a delicious Affogato


Ice cream always tastes great in the summer – regardless of the weather.

Ice cream and coffee always make the perfect match, and directly mixing the two inevitably produces an irresistible drink – or dessert – depending on who you ask.

Like many other great culinary creations, the Affogato originally comes from Italy. Somewhat dramatically, Affogato means “drowned”; and that is actually what you do with the ice cream in this drink – or dessert.

First brew a steamingly fresh and spoon-meltingly strong coffee – Evergood Dark Roast is perfect for this purpose. Then place a suitable amount of vanilla ice cream in a serving dish. The next step is to drown the ice cream in a flood of hot coffee.

Purists insist that this is how a true Affogato should be served.

But if you dare, you can add a layer of Chantilly as an extra finish, and then sprinkle your creation with grated chocolate or nuts (you can even add a pinch of salt …). And if you are a real trail-blazer, you can use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla!

For obvious reasons, you need to serve the dessert – or drink – immediately. Ideally with a biscotti or two.

Illustration: Colourbox