What is special about coffee from Norway?


What’s special about coffee from Norway?

Oslo has witnessed a steady rise in what are known as “coffee tourists” from all parts of the world in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that Norwegian baristas have made their mark with top placings in international coffee championships. This has led to increasing inquisitiveness about Norwegian coffee culture among coffee lovers of all nationalities.

An important part of this culture is unwavering focus on quality. Most Norwegians have clear ideas about the type of coffee they want to drink. While there are naturally all kinds of preferences to be found among Norwegian coffee drinkers, there is one clear common denominator: the coffee must be good quality. The Norwegian coffee sector also has a long and proud tradition of importing top quality beans – which is one of the factors that affects the roasting process. Simply put, good quality coffee beans can be roasted lighter than lower quality coffee.

And coffee that is roasted lighter produces a different spectrum of aromas than coffee that is dark roasted. This is noticeable in mouthfeel and the flavor of the coffee itself – which is often described as “more floral”.